Thyroid imbalance is caused by stress.

Stress can be in many forms –  insufficient nutrients, wrong food choices, hectic lifestyle, toxins, accidents & illness, troublesome people.

Sometimes your daily stresses have become so normal; you may no longer be aware the effect stress is having on you. You’ve gotten used to it.

But your body knows.

However it doesn’t really get used to it. Your body tries to respond as if all was in balance, until eventually it can no longer cope.
Your thyroid can be one of the major glands to struggle with overload.

What may have been niggling or occasional symptoms, then become full blown problems which may include

* overwhelming fatigue
* low mood
* slow metabolism
* inability to lose excess weight even though not eating excessively
* feet and hands cold even in warm weather
* feel cold easily
* low motivation
* constipation
* fluttering in chest
* mid afternoon energy drops

…. to name a few. There are many more. But it is these symptoms which may prompt you to take notice that something is not right.

Perhaps you’ve gone to the doctor for thyroid tests – and the doc has said all is within range.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that all is fine with your thyroid. Doctor’s ranges of ok are different from Naturopath’s. We take action when the thyroid function is starting to change – we call it subclinical – and much can be done to interrupt the downhill spiral into complete thyroid imbalance. But it is important to take action ow before you have a full blown problem.

Please send me a message to get started on your own unique thyroid program.

In health, vitality and happiness.

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Thyroid – Hypo/Low

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