Since College days when I first learned about ‘The Second Brain’ I knew in my gut this was something that was real and indeed does exist.

I excitedly researched as much as could find – which was about 3 articles back then – and started on a journey to learn as much as possible about the Digestive System, Stress & Mood, Adrenal Glands and Thyroid.

In the past decade there has been as explosion of research in this field.
Now it’s usually called ‘the brain in the gut’  ‘enteric nervous system’, ‘git biome’, ‘microbiome’, ‘leaky gut’ and ‘the gut-brain axis’.

Why this is so important? It can be explained most simply by:

Did you know that 90% of your serotonin and dopamine feel-good hormones – are actually made in YOUR DIGESTIVE SYSTEM?

Recent research indicates that many of the happy mood hormones that were thought to be produced in the brain – are now understood to be made in a completely different part of your body through your digestive processes! Amazing and awesomely interesting, isn’t it!

Much of your immune system – and autoimmunity – also starts from your digestion.

When you eat foods that are not a match for your particular digestion,                   leaky gut progression to autoimmune
over time these foods reduce the ability of your digestive tract to extract
nutrients and supply nutrition where it’s needed – leaving you vulnerable
to infections, bacteria, fungi and parasites.

This further leads to damage of your intesinal wall ->
which then leaks food particles and other irritants into your blood stream ->
which can lead to food intolerances ->
which cause pain, mood and energy imbalances  ->
which may contribute to auto-immune conditions.

Along with observations and research on myself and thousands of clients, I have also kept up to date with the developing research of gut-brain science. This enables me to bring practical and cutting edge insights to help restore your digestive system to tip top conditionwhich is part of the process of repairing digestive problems, auto-immune or adrenal fatigue conditions.

Balance your stress response.
Your digestion and your stress response are closely linked. When we are stressed it further affects our ability to digest food and ‘think straight’. Your stress hormones are so interconnected with other organs and body systems it is not possible to explain it all fully here in a few paragraphs. To sum it up – all the hormones, organs and functions of your ENDOCRINE SYSTEM are impacted by stress.

My areas of speciality that never cease to excite are:

> Repairing your digestive tract – from mouth to bowels – all have to be working properly.

> Get your nutrition uptake working properly. Balance nutrients, repair gut wall, remove toxins.

> Restore your stress response. Heal adrenal fatigue, burnout and sluggish thyroid to get your energy, focus and enthusiasm back .

I understand that everyone doesn’t start at the same starting point. Each person presents with their own unique combination of health and lifestyle challenges.  You need a plan of action that is both realistic and do-able and tailored to your needs.

I individualise your program for what is realistic and do-able for you.

So jump in get started now. Contact me now to find out how I can personalise a program to suit YOUR body, mindset and lifestyle.

Regain your health, vitality and happiness

Leela Holland
0412 442 557

The Gut – Brain Connection

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