With Leela Holland, Registered Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist & Educator

Unique combination of online motivation and support, education & gentle group detox.  ALL ABOUT DETOX – FAB OR FAD to build your nutrition, restore gut health, clean up toxicIty and make 2017 YOUR turning point for REAL HEALTH and VITALITY. If you are wanting to trim excess kilos or centimetres, excess weight will be released as you clean up and repair your digestion, metabolism and toxicity. I am due to do a detox program myself and will be doing it along with you – how’s that for support!

healthy food

If you’ve been putting it off, there is no time like now to start cleaning up your act. There is no one-size-fits all when it comes to your natural health. I show you how to work out which foods, exercise and lifestyle choices work best or YOU.  You will learn heaps about your body. This is the key to moving forward – understanding how YOUR body responds to the food, drink and lifestyle stress of the modern world. Not how someone else responds, not about latest money spinning fads – but about your REAL HEALTH & VITALITY.

This way you will detox and blitz your health in a way that actually BENEFITS your body AND saves you both money and disappointment.

Plus you get to do your Healthy Detox & Nutrition UP program all together so we can support each other.  I will be doing the program along with you and here to help with motivation, inspiration and resilience.

Topics will include Healthy Detox, Leaky Gut, Digestive Health & Stress/Adrenal/Thyroid

  • 8 weeks
  • 2 webinars
  • Private 1 hr Naturopath Consultation with Leela – in person. by phone or online.
  • Closed Facebook group for participants to share learnings, ask questions and receive support of a general nature.
  • Email motivation 2 x a week.
  • Recipes to assist gentle detox and ongoing health.
  • Leela’s personal Nutrition and Naturopathy tips and strategies she uses herself.
  • Each participant will go into the draw to win a follow up Consultation with Leela
  • Be assurred you are doing a professional program. Not a fad. Please don’t just randomly detox and potentially mess up your metabolism.

Webinar Topics

What to Eat! Are you confused?
We sort through the noise of media marketing, food fads, trends, myths and misinformation to find out what to feed ourselves.
Leela explains a range of diets and eating philosophies, along with essential naturopathy & biochemistry to help you to get back in touch with which foods are best for YOUR body.

Why is gut health so important?
We discuss gut repair & how crucial it is for your immediate & long term health.  Do you have Leaky Gut? Most people do. Leaky Gut is when foods particles and toxins seep from your digestive system into your blood stream, and can lead to a host of health problems. Yet Leaky Gut can be easy to treat. Start your New Year with a clean start – repair your gut ! I’ve been doing this for over a decade with awesome results. Forget fads and fly-by-nighters, do this properly with support and professional guidance.

Strategies to monitor your digestive health over the holiday period.
How to get through the festive season, which products to have on hand for specific digestive & stress problems that may emerge at this time.
Ongoing arrangements for online support over this time.

When to Detox? Did you know there are many different types of detoxes? Should everyone detox? Should YOU detox?

Find out if you’re ready to detox, which type, and how.

Make sure you do what your body actually needs!


To help you REALLY get on top of your health – I include a FREE bonus – The Stress Epidemic

Why is ‘everyone stressed these days?’  How does it affect your body?
Your nervous system, adrenals, thyroid, heart
The gut-brain connection. Healing your gut helps your mood; reducing stress helps your digestion and bowels.
Learn more and hear the latest exciting research.
Detox in action. How does detoxing impact mood, energy, the adrenals & thyroid?

Minor ailments, chronic conditions and ongoing repair & maintenance. 
We look at common health challenges like hormonal imbalance, gut repair, food sensitivities, allergies, mood fluctuations.
What to do?

My added bonus

  •    I will share my own special stress less tips I  have put together for my busy day.
  •    Simple strategies to use anywhere anytime and help you not ‘sweat the small stuff’.
  •    PLUS you how to get MOTIVATED and take action for long term health and vitality.
  •    Knowing how to progress forward – with the extra support of like minded people – is a great stress buster!
  •    Please note there is a limit of 10 participants only in each program as I want each person to feel supported and not lost in a large group.There will be 2 groups running simultaneously on these dates from January 8th. You choose daytime or evening: 10 am or 7pm group.So let’s get started. Make this commitment to yourself to REALLY have a healthier and happier you for 2017.meditation_6

This is absolutely awesome value. Throughout the program you will receive:

–  up to date practitioner cutting edge research presented in an easily understood and motivating way
–  Naturopath strategies to help you determine which foods work best for your metabolism
–  Motivation and inspiration to enable you to take practical steps to improve your health.
–  A personal consultation to help point you in the right direction, valued at $150.
–  Meet other people with similar interests and broaden your circle of friends
–  Online support throughout program by emails, webinars, and group events

I can’t wait to meet you. You are getting value worth thousands of dollars of my time and experience for just $295 for 8 weeks.

Make a commitment to your health.

Most of us don’t really need any more new clothes, shoes or handbags. What we really need is to value ourselves more and invest in ourselves by increasing our knowledge, skills and health to make the most of the incredibly blessed opportunities we have living in this beautiful country. We are meant to be enjoying our lives, not miserable with food or body image insecurities. We are meant to not just get-by, but to THRIVE!


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I look forward to our sessions together,

Leela Holland

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