Weekend or Mid-Week Break on the beautiful Sunshine Coast


1, 2 or 3 Day VIP Packages

  • Have you ever wished you had a Naturopath on hand for a day, a weekend – or longer? Your wish is granted!
  • You will reap the benefits of my awesome  skill set and decades of health experience PLUS
  • My favourite local practitioners for your personalised spa pampering, therapeutic & style sessions!
  • Leave refreshed, recharged and renewed AND with a professional plan, tips and strategies.
  • Optional ongoing support available if required.

If you

  • already live or holiday on the coast
  • in need of some time out and to get away for a short break
  • are time poor and need to blitz your health plan
  • appreciate personal attention and focus on your health
  • would find helpful a very personalised treatment plan including food, supplements AND motivation & lifestyle?
  • return home with a do-able strategy
  • alternatively contact me for a skype VIP blitz day to really work through your health challenges, establish motivation and an ongoing strategy plan to keep you moving forward.

Sunshine Coast airport – Maroochydore – just 10 minutes away, and Brisbane an hour away.

If you prefer I can arrange your accommodation – homestyle or luxury to suit your budget. Sessions are conducted in your holiday apartment, unless otherwise arranged.

Just choose your fit from the Days below:

Here’s a taster of what you will receive:

  • Full Naturopath consultation
  • Personalised nutrition plan. Individualised for your digestion and your lifestyle
  • Naturopath prescription if required
  • Throughout day: Pure water and a selection of fresh snacks, teas and coffee
  • Pamper: A  rejuvenating treatment. Choose from massage, reflexology or facial using nourishing organic skincare products.
  • How to eat healthily: Includes Lunch & Dinner based upon the outcomes of your Naturopath session.
  • Stress Management: How to cope with life’s ups and downs. Includes goal setting & motivation & easy meditation.
  • Time out to walk the beach or sit and enjoy the local scenery.
  • Restaurant Dinner: How to eat out and eat healthy for your specific dietary needs.



For those wanting to extend their pamper:

  • Meditation.
  • Free time: Walks, or sit and enjoy the coastal ambience
  • Delicious Healthy Breakfast & Lunch & ongoing supply of pure water, fresh snacks, teas and coffee
  • Naturopath Session: How to shop like a Naturopath. Includes Health Store & Supermarket Tour individualised to your personal needs.
  • Pamper: Massage or Reflexology treatment
  • Stress Management: Action plans for your goals
  • Recap session & plan to take home. Finishes @ 3pm for departure.
    For those staying on:
  • Looking & feeling good no matter what your health or weight:  What’s your style? Which colours suit you best? Which look best fits your personality and lifestyle? How to make the most of your wardrobe and feel great.
  • Restaurant dinner.
  • Morning meditation.
  • Beach walk or sit and enjoy the early morning ambience
  • Delicious Healthy Breakfast & Lunch & ongoing supply of pure water, fresh snacks, teas and coffee
  • Let’s go shopping! WITH A STYLIST!!  Yes you read correctly! Delightful SallyAnn our stylist will accompany you for browsing showing you how to shop for your colours & style based upon yesterday’s session. This is purely to show you how to find your colours & ‘look’. Is not a shopping trip unless you want!
  • Naturopath Session: Preventative Wellness & Long Term Health. What little habits do you need daily now to improve your long term health?
  • Massage or Reflexology or Beautician treatment
  • Recap session. Take home Strategies PLUS a complimentary thank you present from myself of an energy healing boost.Finishes @ 3pm for departure.Daily sessions are interspersed with timeout.
    Return home refreshed, inspired and motivated YOU! And with a plan!

*inclusions depends upon number of days and your specific health needs


  • Return home inspired and motivated!
  • Return home knowing what you need to do to take charge of your health
  • Return home with new goals and action plan to start new daily routine
  • Return home with lists organised  for you to start taking charge of your health
  • Return home knowing how to work out which foods work best for YOUR digestion
  • Return home knowing how and where to shop
  • Return home with effective stress management strategies
  • Return home with meditation skills enabling you to take control of your thoughts and emotions anywhere anytime.
  • Return home feeling pampered after a relaxing massage or beauty treatment, and a fresh new outlook with your best colours and style
  • Return home with a tummy full of yummy meals you didn’t prepare yourself!
  • Return home recharged after a change of scenery and fresh air.
  • Return home with a new outlook on life. And a plan we devised together with achievable strategies to assist you reach your health & happiness goals.
  • What’s not to love! Wouldn’t that be a wonderful day or long weekend away on the beautiful Sunshine Coast?
  • Return home rejuvenated and happier with a whole new perspective.

I really look forward to having you visit.

Please click here for your VIP away treat.


Sandra August 2015
“Leela made me feel very welcome and the room was beautiful and comfortable. I really enjoyed our sessions about healing and meditation and life in general. It was perfect … plus enjoyed the beaches, river and shops. I had a wonderful visit – I was so relaxed at the end of the stay I didn’t want to leave! Thanks Leela!”

Ramona June 2015
“Had 4 nights fabulous stay.  I learnt heaps about my health and great meditation and stress management tips and feel I have a whole new outlook on life. Loved the food! I will certainly go back. Arrived as a stranger and left as a friend.”

Janice April 2015
“I stayed with Leela for a long weekend with my 7 yr old son who was a compulsive eater. By the time we left for home my son had reduced his food obsession, eaten and enjoyed healthy foods he hadn’t tried before, and we were excited & motivated to start a new way of eating. As well I was armed with the right information and online resources to keep him progressing. Within only a few days his tummy bloat had reduced dramatically and a week back home both myself, my husband and son noticed improvements in his digestion (much less farts and burps) and an increase in his energy levels – as did other mums. Thank you Leela. You are a life saver!”

Let me know your health problems

Together we’ll devise a plan to help you and get your health back on track.Let’s face it nothing will change unless you do, so let’s make it fun!

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