Is more than Naturopath Consultations.

For those who want to knuckle down and focus on their health, yet know they need extra support.

I offer Lifestyle Mentoring Programs for 6 months to 1 year to help you solidly tackle your health problem.

* A combination of VIP days and Naturopath Consultations in person or skype
* PLUS further email and phone support
* PLUS further back up as appropriate.

I accept only 3 clients for private mentoring at any one time.

Suitable for those who have never looked after their health naturally, or have a chronic condition, or  know they really need professional help available every step of the way.

You know you need to commit to AT LEAST 6 months of focussed actions.

I am here for you at the end of the phone to help ease your confusion and fears.

I understand what you’re going through as I nudge and guide you from where you’re stuck in your health – towards where you want to be.

You could have a chronic health condition, or major food sensitivities, or be a compulsive eater, or just unmotivated and maybe even given up on your health …
there are many possibilities. But the one thing you all have in common is that you have been unable to get over your big health challenges on your own.

Those who take the 6 months option may have a health condition that is going to need 6 months of focussed effort to start establishing the desired results.
Those who need the 12 month option  may have a chronic health condition and may need repetition of information and emotional support for much longer.
That’s ok. That is what I am here for.
You may be high maintenance from a Health Practitioner’s point of view. Unfortunately practitioners just don’t have the time or resources to help you as much as you need.
So you may be left floundering.
That is why I have created extra care options.

I offer you a realistic time frame to properly establish new habits as a way of life.

We don’t want you getting improvements, then go back to your old habits as soon as a standard naturopath clinic treatment is finished.

I offer you that extra support as long as you are willing to commit to making lifestle changes.

I help you improve your health one step at a time.

Your health progress may be like a wiggly curve rather than a straight line, but as long as overall it’s going in the right direction, I can work with you and help you.

I love mentoring and being there for you as you transition to a healthier you and happier way of life.

Firstly we need to decide if mentoring is right for you.

To determine what your problem is and how I can help you I need to do a phone, or Skype ,or in person session with you.
To confirm you are serious about this program, there is an assessment fee of $250 which will cover your health history, your family health history, your lifestyle and mood, and appraisal of any medical tests, plus any further research I do.

If we continue to work together the $250 comes off the cost of your 6 month or 12 month program.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Leela Holland Naturopath, Nutritionist & Educator
Mental Silence Practitioner



(private mentoring info  as a separate link)

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