Are you really enjoying your life?
Or do you feel stretched in all directions juggling ‘it all’?
Or just need to break up the daily grind?


You’re not alone! Escape with others who feel the same as you!

Treat Yourself to a Head-to-Toe Weekend – or Midweek – GetAway


To treat yourself – or for a special event – we specialise is boutique small group healthy getaways.
Ensure plenty of personal attention and feeling truly refreshed and take a real mini break from  your daily grind.
Take home simple, practical & effective healthy lifestyle tips and strategies to apply to your daily life.

So get ready to unwind in a nice apartment here on the beautiful Sunny Coast.
Enjoy the fun of sharing an apartment with friends, or book one just for you if you need to catch up on much needed time-out.

  • be pampered with organic massage or reflexology treatment
  • nourish your skin with natural beauty care & makeup tips
  • enjoy yummy healthy drinks and snacks upon arrival and throughout the day, along with a tasty, nutritious meal 
  • relax in a comfy chair with a stunning view as you take in your group Naturopath health session
  • Plus scheduled time to stroll along sparkly beaches at your pace, breathe the sea air and maybe a quick dip.
  • Or wander through designer fashion and quirky gift stores.
    Whatever helps you RELAX!

But wait there’s more – my added bonus and free gift to you is my beautiful meditation that ANYONE can do anywhere.
This is offered free of charge to help you fully unwind and round out your day as you drift into deep restorative sleep.

For those who would like to stay longer we can also add some holiday activities on the beautiful Sunshine Coast and Hinterland.

So come on your own or grab a few friends for your unique natural little getaway.

So much value in this package – who could resist!    Please contact me here for more info 

Photo by Purdy Art Co.

A bit like a mini retreat; without living on juices or twisting yourself into pretzel shapes!
My goal is for you to return home physically refreshed, mentally inspired, practically with new ideas and strategies to apply to your daily life!

What’s not to love! 🙂



Firstly we have to get you out of your daily routine to help you get a break and a fresh new perspective.

So before your year gets too caught up on the proverbial rat-wheel – let’s schedule in your regular healthy breaks away to help you find your point of balance.

You will be much happier and more effective in your work and your relationships when you deliberately schedule and take time out for you, rather than afterwards when feeling really frazzled and worn out.

2 regular types of weekends away:

  1. Top to Toe Pamper Weekend.
    Natural Body Care + Naturopath Secrets you can use at home.
  2. What to Eat! Fun Healthy Foods Weekend – Bonus NO cooking or cleaning!!
    I show you how to work out what foods work best for YOU.
    Hint – there’s no one-size-fits-all.  Plus a nourishing organic facial or body care.

I schedule Special Interest Weekends or Mid Week Breaks during the year depending upon needs and requests. Just ask!
Eg: Rest & Restore Weekend – aka Adrenal Burnout preventative.
eg:  Preventative Health Weekend – what to do to age well.

Many more can be targeted for specific health topics. Just ask.
These weekends are small group events. If you are wanting one-to-one Naturopath care getaway – please see my VIP Days here:    (link)

Head-to-Toe Getaway

Naturopath Taster Getaway – weekend away on the Sunny Coast to try yummy new foods, natural body care, enjoy gentle walks and sea air, meet new friends and hear some awesome health tips. What’s not to love!

Maroochydore Sunshine Coast Airport is just 10 minutes away with direct flights from Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland and Christchurch. Brisbane is just an hour drive away. So let’s plan your time out.

sunshine coast airport


Get away for a weekend  of relaxation, stress management, meditation, healthy news updates, body pampering and time out just for you. Did your toes in the Sunny Coast sea, breathe deep of fresh salty air and just give yourself timeout to get some perspective, meet new friends and have some giggles.

  • Have fun and get natural health tips in a laid back and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Yummy healthy food you didn’t prepare yourself!
  • Natural beauty care – nourishing Top to Toe facial & pedicure with organic skin care products
  • Feel like a bit of bling – What’s you natural style – what colurs and styles suit YOU right now
  • Top – to – Toe Naturopath Health tips & strategy sessions on the resort balcony while sampling yummy natural snacks and drinks.
  • Meet new friends with similar interestsI promise you it really is a relaxing healthy getaway – definitely no pretzel style Yoga or living on juices!
    You do get  the chance to unwind, some body nourishment, real food you don’t have to cook or clean up afterwards … and maybe that little gem of information that may just change your life.Prices start from $650 per person.So jump right in and book your timeout now. Just send me a quick msg about –
    suggested dates
    how many ladies attending your Healthy GetAway
    and any special health issues you would like addressed. look forward to a fun day or weekend with you!
    Leela Holland
    Naturopath Nutritionist Herbalist
    Mental Silence Practitioner