When the mind becomes overwhelmed with the burden of too much thinking, it is possible to bring peace and clarity with the Mental Silence Meditation technique.
Mental Silence is “time out” for the brain. It is very easy to do.
Try this simple exercise:

Use this Picture to help your meditation experience
Use this Picture to help your meditation experience

Read and follow the steps below a few times, then close your eyes and do without reading. Sincerity and asking from your Heart will move the energy, rather than completely focussed on getting it ‘right’.

* Turn off your phone and give yourself 10 minutes without interruption.
* Throughout this process, keep your left hand on your lap, and move your right hand as directed to the different energy points on the left side of your body.
* Throughout this process move your awareness along with your right hand to each energy point.
* Throughout this process say quietly inside yourself over and over again the question or affirmation. If you are on your own you may wish to say out loud.
*  Once you become familiar with this process, keep your eyes closed throughout.

So let’s get started:

Take off your shoes, loosen any tight clothing, take off spectacles.

And sit quietly with your hands resting upwards on your lap.
                                                                                                    hands-meditate-hhsm                                                                                                  Let yourself relax.

Feel pleasant towards your Self.

Become aware of your breathing. Breathe slowly, gently, rhythmically.

1.  left-heartDirect your awareness to the left side of your chest. Put your right hand there.
Keep your left hand upwards on your lap throughout.
Ask your Self quietly inside
     “Am I the Spirit?” Say that over and over again for a few moments.

left-nabbhi2. Move your right hand and awareness below your ribs on the left side of your body.
Ask your Self quietly inside over and over again:
    “Am I my own Master, my own Teacher?”


left-swadhistan3. Move your right hand and your focus to your left hip. Ask your Self quietly inside –
     “Please awaken the pure knowledge, the pure understanding”


left-nabbhi4 . Move your hand below the ribs again. Quietly say with confidence over and over again:
OWN MASTER.” Keep your focus where your right hand is.



left-heart 5 . Move your hand to the left side of your chest. Quietly say over and over again.
      “I am a Spiritual being”


left-vishuddhi6.  Move your hand to the left side of your neck, into the corner of the neck and shoulder. Say over and over again:
    “I am not guilty” Keep your awareness where your hand is.



palm-on-forehead 7.  Move your right hand to your forehead. Direct your awareness to your forehead. Say quietly over and over again:
      “I forgive everyone, including myself.”


palm-on-sahasrara8.  Put your right hand on the top of your head (on the fontanel area).
Say over and over again, with your awareness where your hand is.
      “Please give me Mental Silence”


After a few moments move your right hand a little above your head. Without thinking, keep your awareness where your hand is.

10. silent-meditationAfter a couple more moments keep your awareness where your hand is,
then return your hand to rest upwards on your lap.
        > meditate for 10 minutes or longer with your awareness at the top of your head.


Don’t judge yourself or get frustrated if you are thinking.
Just detach; use your awareness to watch your thoughts, and let them go.  
Pretend your thoughts are like a tv screen, and just watch your thoughts come and go.
Even if you find yourself thinking, overall you will feel more relaxed afterwards.


The more you do this process, the easier it will get.
The time will come when all you will need to do is put your awareness at the top of your head and you will be in Mental Silence.
In the meantime, let yourself be an apprentice and practise this skill.

Once you have mastered this skill, you will be able to deliberately use it to help with stress and relationships.
At any time, when you go into Mental Silence, it becomes your fortress no matter what is happening around you.

If you would like to learn further about how to use this energy to help yourself, your family and friends and our world, please come along to as many free Mental Silence group sessions as possible.

Sunshine Coast Australia:
2018: Free classes are held in rotating locations.  Please send an enquiry email or call. 

Free classes Kawana Library & Maroochydore Libraray


Sunshine Coast Library sessions are for the following dates. Although they are fully booked with waiting lists, as we know some people forget to come, and chairs remain unoccupied. So feel free to come and bring any family or friends who are interested. Each session will be different, so as well as deepening your experience, you will learn something new each time.



Mental Silence – Dr. Ramesh Manocha, Med. PhD, Sydney University

Dr Ramesh Manocha MBBS BSc (med) PhD is a GP, educator and researcher. His PhD was completed at the Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney Australia, and focused on the scientific evaluation of meditation and the Mental Silence experience. Ramesh is currently a senior lecturer at the Department of Psychiatry at Sydney University and is also the founder and convenor of Generation Next, a national circuit of professional development seminars for education, health and welfare professionals.

Mental Silence dissolves negative thinking circuits

When our mind becomes overwhelmed with the burden of many different but more or less dysfunctional thinking patterns, quite possibly the best solution is a period of Mental Silence. Mental Silence is believed to be able to work on the entrenched brain pathways like a circuit breaker. Meditation can provide the kind of down time necessary to dissolve entrenched neural circuits which perpetuate each set of negative thoughts. Mental silence is “time out” for the brain that may provide the ideal environment for the brain to dissolve old neuropathways and enable the process of neuroplasticity to create new circuitry. New brain pathways result in belief systems and new habits in daily life. So, when we find that positive thinking is not working, a dose of non-thinking through Mental Silence may just be the link you’ve been looking for.

Silence Your Mind (book)

Dr Ramesh Manocha and his team are using science to study the beneficial effects that meditation can have on stress, health and wellbeing.The results? For just 10 minutes a day – the amount of time it takes to make a coffee – you can feel the immediate benefits that meditation brings to your mental and physical health. SILENCE YOUR MIND goes beyond regular stress management. Dr Manocha’s plain English approach to meditation, or mental silence, is written for the general reader who perhaps wouldn’t normally turn to meditation to deal with health issues. He shows how simple and effective techniques can be built into any part of your day and can be practised anywhere.This hands-on guide also shows how meditation can be used in sport and creative pursuits, in schools to help children manage anger and depression, and for general physical health.