Leela has successfully integrated the science of Clinical Naturopathy with the ancient knowledge of Traditional Medicine.

From personal experience I know that each of us is more than a bunch of cells. To live a truly healthy & happy life we need to understand how our lifestyle, thoughts and emotions do indeed affect our physical health.

In fact until you embrace this reality, you will forever chase progressive symptoms and never fully create the vibrant, healthful, fulfilling life you’re on this planet to enjoy.

I have a love of researching herbs, foods & lifestyle from Traditional cultures which have stood the test of time for effectiveness, along with keeping up to date with the recent explosion of research in the field of Clinical Naturopathy.

Both avenues of knowledge leave no doubt in my mind as to the sound benefits of Natural Medicine when appropriately applied.

“I firmly believe we are on this earth to live in good health and enjoy productive and meaningful lives.” – Leela Holland Naturopath

I studied philosophies and knowledge from Asia, as well as travelled there numerous times to experience first hand other ways of life.

What I discovered is that both eastern and western medicine come together on the important need for balance. Homeostasis is the medical term, and yin yang a traditional term.

From a decade of clinic and many more years of working with customers and those seeking health and a fulfilling life, I observed time and time again how balance of both the Digestive & Nervous systems is essential for the health of the whole body. Therefore I specialised in the gut-stress connection long before it became a hot topic!

I practise what I preach.
As a Natural Health Practitioner I have naturally overcame digestive problems, adrenal fatigue and autoimmune hypo thyroid. I used real food, lifestyle changes, supplements, stress management and meditation.

And let’s not forget the importance of taking time out and taking holidays!
Seriously I always lose weight when I go on holiday, even though often eating more than at home, including foods that are notorious for weight gain.

So by making a decision and taking appropriate steps to achieve my goals, I helped myself to vibrant health and increased my chances of sustaining it into old age. This is available for everyone – you just need the right information, guidance and action-taking.

Like many of you, I became bogged down and overwhelmed by the increasingly overworked and overstretched lifestyle many of us feel forced to live. When my health became affected I had to make hard decisions if I was going to continue to create and live the life I wanted.

After living in London, Rome, Sydney and Brisbane I realised it was time to progress to the next stage of complete solo self employment. I wanted to fully live a holistic lifestyle; to live and work the hours that enhance health, rather than detract from wellness. Eventually I took a big leap of faith – combined with a huge gulp of courage I will admit – and moved to the beautiful Sunshine Coast Australia to start over again.

sandy footprintI now am finally able to live my healthy lifestyle with a daily beach walk. I no longer struggle with city traffic, but instead often work with sand between my toes doing technical research and writing educational materials.

I cherry-pick a handful of clients to see from home, present talks, workshops or retreats in refreshing, restorative locations.

I feel happy and free and independent; and grateful I was brave and took that leap.

By tweaking my lifestyle I turned around Adrenal Fatigue, increased my health and re-inspired my goals and dreams. Full story here:

So what risks have you taken of late; what are you proud of?

If we are yearning for something else we need to maintain a life that inspires us. We need to keep growing and not get stuck in complacency.

This is one reason why I am running more and more retreats. Often we need to get out of our daily grind to gain a new perspective on our every day challenges. This is when we can often find the solution too.

Often all we need is the right space to tap what we already know we need to do or tweak in our life. Regular getaways gives the opportunity and the permission to think differently and listen to and remember our dreams for this life.

Experience can’t be taught. Here’s some of my history:

  • Naturopath, Nutritional Counselling,
  • Private Clinics, Pharmacies and Health Stores. Speical interest in the Gut-Brain connection before it was in vogue.
  • Weight Management Specialist
  • My own Naturalee Healthy Clinic
  • Technical Support for Practitioners Australia-wide
  • Researcher & Educator for Australian Natural Health Practitioner training
  • Researcher for Naturopath & Nutrition workshops, seminars & webinars
  • Retreat Naturopath
  • Health Blitz Health Coach
  • Stress Management & Meditation Programs

Currently I offer:

  1. Private Coaching
  2. Workshops
  3. Retreats & Short Getaways
  4. Online consulting & programs
  5. Specialist product packs

I can help you via my online and in person coaching and events.
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Studies and Certifications

Leela Holland is an Australian Qualified and Registered Practitioner

  • Advanced Diploma Herbal Medicine
  • Advanced Diploma Nutrition
  • Advanced Diploma Naturopathy

Further studies include:

  • Cert Homeopathy
  • Dip Hypnotherapy
  • Mental Silence Practitioner
  • Ongoing study of Chinese Medicine & Ayurvedic Medicine

Ongoing Training

Knowledge is developing at a faster rate than any time in history. To me it is imperative I stay abreast with latest independent scientific developments and applications to healthcare via ongoing training, education, seminars and webinars in nutritional and herbal medicine, biochemistry and mind-body health.

Therefore you will receive the best of both modern research and long-tested traditional practices, with special interest in the fields of digestion, the nervous system and adrenals/thryoid.


  • Australian Traditional Medicine Society
  • Full Health Fund Registration

Digestion, Stress, Adrenals and Thyroid.

Although I have treated almost any condition that could walk into a Clinic, my long term and overriding interest has been Digestive & Stress conditions, and how these health problems affect each other through the Gut-Brain Axis.

This particularly is expressed via the hormones and organs of your endocrine system. Therefore I have observed that most conditions improve dramatically when the fundamentals of Gut Health and care of the Adrenals and Nervous System are solidly addressed.  

In fact even after all these years I still get amazed how fast some long established conditions can turn around when the right advice, motivation and action taking is done. Obviously there are exceptions, but for most everyday conditions, these are the fundamentals of health.

If you have a problem, do ask me how I can help you.

Work with me!

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Science vs Traditional Medicine

Our bodies have an amazing and as yet not fully explored capacity for innate natural balance. The medical term is homeostasis.

As both a clinical and holistic Naturopath, I treat with scientific knowledge of what is occurring at the cellular level of your body, along with holistic understanding and solutions for how other aspects of your life affect your health.

All the time your amazing body is trying to be the best it can be so you can enjoy a healthy happy life. We just have to learn how best to support this amazing process and remove obstacles to your body doing what it does automatically, as well as give it extra help where necessary to achieve this.

I am able to treat both the symptoms and the cause of your ill health. I believe we are all so much more than a sack of cells or bag of bones. If you are wanting relief from symptoms at this stage and don’t want to address the underlying causes – that is fine. We will treat your symptoms. As well I will give you some information about what is causing your discomfort, knowing this may be of use to you in the future.

The best help is via a lifestyle and nutrition that supports your natural processes. You may need supplementation as medicine to assist your body’s natural processes.



Stress Management Meditation Programs – Mental Silence Teacher & Lifestyle Coach

Considered impossible by western medicine to still our thoughts, modern research is now starting to acknowledge the health benefits from meditation. Yet science has yet to fully understand this process. I have discovered that just because Science has yet to research & articulate this process, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. However, universities around the world are starting to explore and find correlation between the effects of meditation and stress management relief on improvement of health symptoms.

“Inner Peace is possible. It is achieved when we reduce our thoughts and don’t REACT to other peoples actions.” – Leela Holland Naturopath

I have followed the research of Dr Ramesh Ramocha at Sydney University for quite some time, and been fortunate to experience first hand that it is indeed possible to choose to think or not to think. When we still our over busy mind, we can connect with the innate healing energy of peace and love that lies within us.

I have been able to share and teach his experienc with clients. Many have successfully reduced their stress and physical health symptoms through using multiple approaches of herbs, nutrition and stress management.

By the way, I  never charge for my unique Stress Management Meditation Programs and offer this as a contribution of giving to society.

If you resonate with my approach and are committed to changing your health, please register your interest in my private coaching, VIP days or workshops and programs. Just send an enquiry below.

Work with me! 

Do something positive for yourself.
You are worth it and there is a solution.

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