Leela Holland is an Australian registered Naturopath Nutritionist Herbalist, and Wellness Coach.

She treats problems of the Digestive System, Adrenals and Thyroid.

“I have treated almost all conditions that could walk into a Naturopath clinic. Over the years I observed that digestion, bowels and stress are the underlying contributors to most other conditions.

I have seen first-hand that most conditions – be they mood, energy, food sensitivities, allergies, weight loss, cardiovascular, hormonal, autoimmune or skin problems – all need to properly address your digestion and stress to create the lasting health you so want.

So to help all my clients best I now specialise in treating your gastro-intestinal tract (GIT) and your stress response.

Often we may not even need to treat the presenting conditions once the underlying digestion, elimination and stress problems are resolved.

Once the body receives the actual nutrition required and being the miracle machine that it is, it will then be able to do what it does naturally – to balance itself.

Stress impacts your adrenals and thyroid which then affects many other body systems – including your digestion and metabolism.

There are many types of stress to the body. Not just the big dramas.

“To make lasting lifestyle changes I give you not just the information about what to do – that’s the easy part! – but also help you decide that you REALLY do want to live a healthier happier life. You get practical tools for transition.

You know deep down that by doing nothing, or taking this pill and that pill that it’s not the best solution.

I help you find the motivation and how to be empowered to make choices that work best for YOU.

We get your digestion and bowels working properly. We get your lifestyle stress back into balance. You will be AMAZED how fast other health issues can improve.

I help you go from feeling blah and stuck – to bursting with energy and enthusiasm. You will feel so relieved to get your body back into balance and your life back on track.

In fact I STILL get impressed after a decade of specialising in digestive & stress how fast the body can heal.

I can help you in person at Naturalee Clinic Queensland Australia, as well as online coaching, workshops and retreats.

“Come and work with me and get your health back on track. I promise to make the experience fun and easier than you thought!”

Leela Holland. Naturalee.me
Nutritionist Herbalist Naturopath Wellness Coach

Food, Mood & Stress Connection

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