Lost Your ‘Get-Up-and-Go?’

Most people have experienced low energy or fatigue at some point in their lives. After juggling home, work and family life, it’s no wonder there is little energy left for yourself! Anyone can feel tired at the end of the day, but ongoing fatigue can sneak up on you and become your ‘new normal’ – even though it’s not normal to be tired all the time.

Persistent fatigue can often be misunderstood, as diagnostic procedures (such as blood tests) may not show any imbalance within your body. If you have persistent fatigue, don’t accept this as normal.

There are Naturopathic tests I can organize for you which are different from medical testing, along with the benefit of many  years experience in pinpointing fatigue triggers.

Why Am I So Exhausted?

When you’re feeling fatigued, it is important to consider whether you have the nutrients required for optimal energy. If you’re not providing your body with the nutrients it needs, it can be hard to jump out of bed feeling refreshed.

The energy powerhouses within your body are known as mitochondria, and are present in almost all of your cells. During a busy day, your mitochondria produce all of the energy you need, however, producing energy relies on a steady stream of nutrients. If your mitochondria do not receive adequate nutrition, they cannot perform at their best!

Nutrients That Energise

When your body needs energy, there are many potential nutrients that can energise you. But the key is to find out exactly why you’re tired and flat and to target appropriately with nutrients. For example, a common cause of low energy can be low iron, but if your iron levels are fine and it’s actually your thyroid and your liver that is contributing to your sagging energy – you can actually be doing yourself more harm than help by self prescribing.

Want To Be Bursting With Energy?

Energising yourself also means creating a diet and lifestyle that supports your energy stores:

  • Eat foods that match YOUR metabolism – no one size fits all. We need to work out what you can digest best right now.
  • Avoid stimulants such as caffeine, which can ultimately create an energy dump leaving you feeling more depleted and more locked into the caffeine necessity. Unfortunately excess caffeine also requires your body to use more of essential energy nutrients.
  • Sleep for seven to nine hours each night.
  • Destress by spending time in nature, meditating and having fun! Being busy and feeling stressed places increased pressure on your biochemisty.
  • Exercise is one of the tricky prescriptions – if you’re depleted the last thing you need is to be flogging your body physically. You may actually benefit from lying down for half an hour. (Please read my Adrenal Fatigue information elsewhere on this site).
    However if you’ve been bound to the computer you do need to get outdoors for fresh air and to keep moving. Exercise stimulates your body to make new mitochondria, resulting in more energy!

Time to Rediscover Your Spark

Free yourself from fatigue! If you’re ready to be energised, send me an email today about The Energy Program and the necessary nutrients to create more energy, and how to investigate the factors that could be driving your fatigue. Providing a strong foundation for energy production will set you on the path to a refreshed and re-energised you.
You will feel so much better, and learn lots of new strategies for lifelong energy health care.

I look forward to helping you,
Leela Holland

Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Wellness Workshop Presenter
Mental Silence Teacher
Retreat Leader


Energise Yourself!
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