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Our stressful lives create many health problems.

As well as the physical, mental and emotional effects of stress – another side effect is what foods we eat when stressed – or stress that is so constant that our every day food choices are made from a position of lack of time or tiredness. Or both.

Considering what we put into our bodies, plus erratic eating anytime day or night, constant snacking, grabbing food on the run and not allowing our bodies the time and pleasure to digest – it’s not surprising the increase of modern epidemic of  constipation, bloating, allergies, food sensitivities and diseases of the Digestive tract like irritable bowel syndrome (ibs, ibd), colitis, diverticulitis and bowel cancer.

We’ve all grabbed food choices that are not natural for our bodies – then later look for a quick fix when we feel congested, sluggish and fat. We become worried that constipation, toxins and upper or lower abdominal pain will create long term health problems. We go searching for the best detox diet, detox plan, liver diet or colon cleanse.

So how do you know when something is not quite alright?
Your Digestive System includes your digestive organs, plus elimination through your bowels, as well as some of your detox organs like kidneys and liver.

If you are bloated or constipated, got crazy food cravings, pain after eating or stomach pain, gas, flatulence or farts, acid reflux, burping, bad breath, heartburn, colitis, suddenly tired, suddenly start sneezing or runny eyes or nose, or skin itch,- these are all symptoms of signs of disturbance inside

Your bowel habits also can also be signs indicating that something isn’t quite right. Constipation, diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome also known as ibs or ibd – are all telling you it’s time for an internal cleanup.

To PROPERLY fix your health problem we need to ensure all parts of your Digestive System are working well . We do this by not just giving you relief from your symptoms, but also fix the reason you are getting these problems, PLUS repair any damage that has occurred. Don’t worry – it can be easier than you think if the damage is not too set in. The main thing is to take the RIGHT actions as soon as possible so it doesn’t get worse. The problem won’t go away on its own.

If you’re online searching for healthy dinners, healthy snacks and healthy recipes and meals – that is AWESOME! But first you many need to repair digestive or gut damage so you can actually ABSORB and use the better nutrition.


However many people ignore these symptoms for too long.
I frequently hear my clients say that these symptoms of ill health are indications of normal health!  ‘Oh I  don’t fart any more than anyone else!’  Many people consider it normal to burp or pass wind numerous times a day. However once you clean and repair your digestive tract – hey presto no more little explosions!

Now if we think about explosions in Nature like volcanoes or tornadoes – is when pressure needs to be released. So it is with the human body as well. An excess or imbalance of gases and wastes need to be released one way or another. Excess pressure builds under the surface.  If your normal waste removal processes can’t handle this load, your body will find whatever exit route it wants anytime it wants. This could be via your ears-nose-throat, skin, lungs, bowels, monthly period or moods, etc.

Are you starting to see why it is important to get your digestion and bowels working well, and to maintain them well? Can you see that sometimes you may need a gentle detox to clean out the built up congestion of waste, rubbish and toxins? Can you begin to understand how further health problems are able to fester and develop if we don’t clean up our own internal mess and repair the damage?

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Ignore the first Warning Signs from  your Digestive System and the problem will progress to different symptoms and a Deeper Problem.
The next layer of signs can be a bit confusing as they don’t seem connected to your digestion or bowels. But when we think about it – its common sense really that when your digestion and elimination are working well – other organs get the nutrition they need to function properly and to release waste. If you ignore the ‘little’ signs of eruption or disruption as listed above, then these pressures continue to build up and then need a greater release. That’s when your body deteriorates to a bigger health problem from the increasing backlog of body wastes. Let’s face it – your body is the original recycler – if wastes are not coming out – they are going SOMEWHERE in your body! ewww!

Here are just some examples of body wastes and toxins seeping deeper into your body and affecting other tissues, organs and body systems:

  • tired a lot for no real reason
  • run down – get more than one cold a year, or cold sores, or infections, or mouth ulcers, or recurring viral infections like herpes
  • foggy brain, can’t think or concentrate properly
  • insomnia
  • skin problems like Rashes or Eczema
  • monthly heavy bleeding & pain
  • irritable, cranky, feeling flat or no mojo

For awesome health you need to properly heal your Digestion, Bowels and Stress.

If you continue to ignore these warning signs, the body goes even further and deeper into another layer of ill health. Deeper problems now emerge like IBS or IBD, Asthma, Autoimmune conditions (like Thyroid, Lupus etc), Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue – even Cancer. This is why these conditions can take so long to heal as have to work backwards through the built-up layers of disease and imbalance. It is so much easier to treat the seeming common and ‘unimportant’ symptoms like burping and flatulence before your health progresses through further stages of deterioration.

Happily it is possible to improve symptoms of Digestion and Bowels and get your health and your life back on track. Your diet needs to be tweaked to the needs of YOUR body. Your digestive tract – which includes your digestive organs, bowels and elimination pathways – all need to cleaned and returned to tip top working order. Your Stress response needs to be addressed. You need to get back more enjoyment from life and let your health become something that automatically ticks along nicely in the background. Wouldn’t that be wonderful! It is indeed possible and you can do it.

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Stress and Gut problems go hand in hand.

I cover this in full detail on my programs and retreats – but this is the heads up about what you need to do for fantastic bursting-out-of-your-skin energy and health.

One of the amazing things about our bodies is how we’re wired to reduce digestive function when our stress buttons are pushed. Historically this enabled us to run from a wild animal or survive through a time of famine or war. But these days the combination of frantic lifestyles, chemical laden food chain, wrong foods for our metabolism, viruses, ongoing low grade inflammation, physical trauma, emotional pain and our modern day survival needs of finances, career and the associated over-busy lifestyle – PHEW! – now trigger our stress button far more for each of us than any time in history. Like I said, I explain this in more detail in my programs, but I guess you can now see how stress is far more than only our emotional relationships or daily worries?

To top it off, most of the ‘I’m feeling great hormone’ of Serotonin is actually produced IN YOUR GUT and not in your brain, as was widely thought even a decade ago. So even though your brain uses a lot of serotonin, it doesn’t mean it’s made there. Can you now start to see the reason I address your Digestive & Stress Health TOGETHER. And why this is what is required to gain LASTING results? This is the BEST preventative health care you can do for yourself – to take responsiblity for your Digestive & Nervous Systems.


Would you like to be in best possible health for YOU?

No more worrying about what to eat, where is the nearest toilet or if your body will ‘behave itself” or being a victim to overwhelming food cravings. Investing in your health now will repay you over and over again in years to come. Who wants to join the INCREASING NUMBERS of old and not-so-old people needing institutionalised care?

So by now you know that as a Professional Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist and Stress Management consultant I observed that Digestive and Bowel health can finally be properly treated when the Stress Response is also supported. You are now more aware that there are many forms of Stress to the body, not ‘just’ emotional Stress. See how much you’ve learned already! That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Therefore I have created a tried and true Leaky Gut and Stress PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM to focus on your physical health AND your stress response. My programs explain what is happening so you can understand how eating a particular food or continually dealing with stress may have far reaching effects. I explain how to repair and regain balance, and why. This all helps with your motivation and perseverence. This is an awesome program that is not the latest fad or theory, but well researched and based upon clinical experience.

Quick Quiz – Do You Suffer from any of These Digestive or Bowel Problems?


  • digestive pain
  • bloating
  • reflux or bad breath
  • nausea
  • flatulence   ie: farts
  • constipation
  • diarrhoea
  • diverticulitis
  • hemorrhoids
  • IBS
  • worms, parasites
  • vaginitis, candida, thrush
  • skin issues, eg: acne, psoriasis, psoriasis
  • fungal, viral & bacterial infections
  • food sensitivities and allergies
  • food cravings or having to watch your weight
  • loss of appetite
  • yo-yo dieting or overweight
  • stress, anxiety, depression

YES  to ANY? Even one yes it’s time to take action now.

Repairing your Digestive System will help all of the conditions listed above.

Pain and the other signs are nature’s warning. Left untreated, these common symptoms can lead to other health problems and complications including Auto Immune, Chronic Food reactions and Cancerous  health conditions. These problems will not get better by themselves.

But behind all these conditions are the ‘little’ symptoms that many people don’t consider very important. However you can’t just forget about gas, bloating, pain, farts, tummy upsets, constipation or bowel bleeding and hope they go away. There is nothing to be embarrassed about because I can reassure you that over the years the majority of my clients have needed these symptoms treated.

The good news is you don’t have to wait until your body is screaming at you before you take action. You can start to fix these problems now before they get worse. Whether you have these symptoms – or if you are wanting to take preventative care. Help is here.

Most clients need their Stress addressed along with repair of Digestion & Bowels & Elimination organs.

But it can get so confusing researching online, trying ‘this food or that product’, running from blog to blog to Practitioner to Doctor as each has their speciality or slant on your problem. Would it be wonderful to have your Digestion & Stress addressed in a professional and structured way at a pace that is right for you, and all in one place?

Above all, YOU properly understanding your problem and your way back to REAL health means you are less likely to return to your old ways and habits that created the problem in the first place!

Actually I can tell  you now if you are just looking for a short term fix and then return to your old habits – you will never have lasting health. That’s why I have included

  • motivation
  • education
  • inspiration
  • online support

This is what I provide for my private clients one-to-one and I will be including aspects of it in my online and group programs.  Above all, we learn best when we’re having fun and surrounded with people who understand our challenges and support our growth. This is why I have created this very special program to address all these problems in one place, along with a support network to support each other as you all walk a similar path back to health and vitality. You don’t have to do your journey alone!

I never cease to be amazed at how the body can fix itself when we give what it needs to heal!  I have created for you a tried and true, unique Leaky Gut & Stress PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM that focusses on both your physical health AND your Stress response. Many people become so used to living with stress – they don’t realise their stress is actually negatively affecting their health, their relationships, their worklife and general enjoyment of life.


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Start your healthier lifestyle online with professional guidance, plus new friends just like you.

Unique online program based upon my years of professional training, my decade of clinic experience and half a lifetime of holistic living.

I offer 2 levels of care. I highly recommend the

Easy as 1-2-3 Leaky Gut Repair. 8 weeks. Online. NO FADS or radical detox.
Essential information and guidance to repair your digestion and bowels.
Training you how to work out which food and lifestyle habits to what is best for YOUR BODY. There is no one size fits all.

Via webinars, podcasts, emails & private facebook group you receive education, guidance, strategies, supplement advice, case studies.
Webinars and podcasts will be available live, plus recorded for further viewing.
PLUS daily support from myself and your peers.
$595 for 8 weeks of PROFESSIONAL material & insights to get your health in the right direction. Can be done from anywhere in the world.


Digestion & Stress PROFESSIONAL Repair Program

Extra information, motivation and inspiration so you can fully address your stress.
Includes what is driving the habits that don’t work for you any more, how to move from feeling stuck in unhappy emotional patterns, how to switch from stale thinking to a new motivated mindset, and how to choose effective actions and lifestyle more suited to your goals and dreams.
The goal of this program is to help you move past your blockages to live the life you know you are meant to be living.

Practical, effective natural remedies, lifestyle tips & support. Which I have done successfully with hundreds of private clients. Make the commitment now to your health and your best possible quality of life. You deserve it and you are worth it. And you CAN do it.
It’s your turn now.

Get Your Health and Life Back!

Say goodbye to embarrassment, discomfort and pain. And stress.

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Michael > Caboolture  QLD
within only 3 weeks of following Leela’s program I was able to reverse the reflux i’d suffered for nearly 20 years. I no longer need reflux medication. Thank you Leela, it’s wonderful to be pain free and to know what triggered the outbursts.

Janice> Maroochydore QLD
My seven year old son was an embarrassment to take anywhere – he was obsessed with food; always asking for something to eat and hogging the food table. He was gaining weight and starting to get hurtful ‘fat’ comments. He had no interest in running around with his friends. Within 2 days of starting Leela’s program he said his ‘tummy felt much better’. After a few weeks of following Leela’s advice, other parents started to notice that my son was no longer making such a beeline for the food, he had more energy and was joining in with active play. Above all we know we stopped him going down the path of modern-day lifestyle diseases.

Julie > West End Brisbane
I no longer get bloating and pain. I no longer need to know where every toilet is located. I feel free again.

Wouldn’t you like to live like other people who take for granted their tummy and their bowels working well?

Well it is possible, and I will show you how to do it!  Say goodbye to pain, bloating, confusion & embarrassment. Start reclaiming fun and freedom in your life now. So don’t just think about it – that’s not enough either. You need to take action now

Both Plans Include the Fundamentals of Digestive Health.

1. Detect & remove the irritation/s
2. Repair damage
3. Restore function

Supported with my FREE stress relief Mental Silence Program.
My free Mental Peace & Clarity Stress Management program is drawn from a combination of ancient teachings, supported by recent Sydney University independent research, then adapted to the needs of our modern demanding lifestyles. The perfect combination of traditional wisdom and modern science.

Don’t waste any more time chasing short term solutions. Support both your Digestion AND your Stress for lasting results. Just start today for effective treatment to get your health back and your freedom and more enjoyment of life.

Help get Your Health and Life Back!

Say goodbye to embarrassment, discomfort and pain. And stress.

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I look forward to helping you,
Leela Holland
Naturopath Nutritionist Herbalist
Digestion & Stress Management Specialist