Hello Everyone!

This is a weekly workshop to educate you and address your gut health concerns in a small supportive group.
Weekly group consultation & information where you will do a gut detox and repair program altogether.

The Healthy Gut TuneUp 
– Gut, Digestion, Bowels &  Parasites! Eek!
– Your whole digestive system needs to be working well for ongoing health, no matter what your health concern.
– How to work out what you need to do for YOUR digestive system.
Hint – it’s not always the same as everyone else !
– I teach you how to listen to your body and respond to what it needs.

So if you’re wanting to do any of these
– learn more about how to improve your health naturally
– assistance to stick to a health or diet program
– detox healthily so weight loss is maintained
– do a short parasite cleanse 
Then this is the program for you.

This is the quick but healthy professional detox program.
What you learn here will set a huge foundation for your future health.

Do you, or anyone you know, have digestive or bowel issues, suspected parasite problems or candida?
Or symptoms of bloating, gas, farts, diarrhoea, constipation, digestive pain?

Gut health is the foundation for health for all other body systems, therefore your digestive system needs to be in tip top condition.

Your bowel health is also as important as your gut health. Your body is designed to be a clean machine, not stagnating with a build up of bowel congestion. Parasites love these conditions! 

When your digestion and your bowels work beautifully you are doing one of the best possible things for your current and long term healthcare.

The good news is it’s easier than you may think !
I teach you how and guide you through the program. As a group we will do
Healthy Gut TuneUp 

This program will teach you

  1. Fundamentals of digestive and bowel health
  2. What to do
  3. How to listen to your body and which foods work for YOU
  4. What is a healthy detox and what is not. 
    PLUS support as you take steps to improve your digestive and bowel well-being.

So come join me and others just like you wanting to improve their vitality and long term health.
It doesn’t matter whether you’ve never done anything like this before and know nothing about it – that’s what you’re here for – to learn. Or perhaps you have been exploring this knowledge about gut health – this group will give you CORRECT tailored professional information and assist you as you take further steps to improve your digestive & bowel health.

5 sessions of group professional advice and support
I am really excited about this program as it means I can tailor the course to the needs of the participants, PLUS the added bonus of group support and fun – for not much more than the cost of a single private consultation!  VALUE !

An Intro to Gut Health & Detox.  Resolve bloating, flatulence, reflux, digestive pain and improve bowel function.

Learn the fundamentals of Digestive Health
Did you know that your gut contains 100 million neurons – more than your spinal cord?
Major neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, glutamate, norephinephrine and nitric oxide are MADE in the gut,
not in the brain as was thought by science even a decade ago.

Learn about the Gut Brain connection – how your digestive system affects your mood.
Could toxicity in the gut affect mood and concentration, and even contribute to degenerative health conditions? (OH YEAH!).
I will explain in detail the different stages of deterioration, and what to do about them.

Learn how to repair digestive damage. 
Leaky Gut. What is it? Do you have it? (most people do) There is a test your doctor can authorise for you to check if you have it.
What are the symptoms? What to do about it.

Learn more about candida & parasites. parasite closeup
YUK. But FASCINATING ! Why and how cleansing of intestinal pests has to be done in a certain way and for a specific time-frame to get lasting results.
If just do half the job, the weaker bugs are killed off and the stronger ones re-colonise, resulting in even worse infestation and symptoms than before.
Survival of the fittest. That’s why it’s essential to do a proper professional parasite cleanse program.

What’s food got to do with it? A lot!
Who’s confused about food! Learn how to eliminate food confusion.
You’ll learn why it is important to listen to your body and to learn how to start recognizing what foods work best for YOU.
These foods vary between us all, plus also fluctuate depending upon your state of health.

The top foods, supplements and techniques for healing your gut, boosting metabolism, removing toxins and killing pathogens.food confusion image paleo vegan etc

  • Will include recipes, product information, and strategies to achieve outcomes.
  • We will be able to go into far more detail than can comfortably do in a private session.
  • We will begin to personalise your approach through questionaires, hot seating, and me asking a lot more questions and giving a lot of professional advice.
  • And most probably you will ask a lot of questions too!
  • You will have the extra support of group dynamics to boost you up and encourage you.
  • You will make new friends who will also add to the support you feel. When you support someone else, it strengthens that quality within you.  happy girls country

From my experience of group programs and workshops – we realise how much we all have in common – and also understand better each other’s challenges. The group dynamics helps each person’s motivation and staying on track towards their health goals. You’re not doing this alone.

The extra benefit of group programs. I will focus a lot on motivation and goal setting, and provide opportunities for you to link up online and socially to help maintain that.

This is a group program – ie an information, motivation and support group.
While there will be much personalised, professional information and recommendations usually reserved for my private clients – it is not personal mentoring.

If you have a complex health issue you may wish to combine the program with private consultations.

Optional Private facebook group to keep in touch between meetings.social-facebook-8f1006ed496a7aceb57912d424d6f8a8
I will set you up and show you how to join this private group online.


6 Weeks for $297 –  Gut Repair & Detox.

Your program is jam packed with information, group support, fun, personal growth and new friends with health interests just like yours!

How to book:                                                                                                                        

1. Transfer  $297 to     
BSB:             804 002
Account:    1320398
Use your name as the identifier
2. Then email OR txt me:  
– your name
– phone number
– date payment sent

0412 442 557
I will email your receipt when payment is received.

Feel free to call if have any questions.

So who would be suitable for these programs? Anyone who would like better gut health, brain and mood health, better immunity to fight off winter bugs, anyone in need of a detox and anyone who would like to lose weight more easily.

  • Anyone who would like to learn more about their health naturally.
  • Anyone who would like to start to naturally clean up or tweak their health care.
  • Anyone who would like to improve their digestive health.
  • Anyone who would like to lose excess weight by improving their overall health.
  • Anyone who would like to start a detox.
  • Anyone who would like to start healing their emotional eating.
  • Anyone who would enjoy the group experience – even if you’re a little shy and not sure – it will be fine.
  • Anyone who would like an accountability buddy – for those who would like that extra support in between sessions.If you’ve read this far, you obviously have an interest in restoring your digestive or detox health and vitality.Using your name as the identifier please transfer $297 to
    BSB:                804 002
    Account:        1320398
  • Then email OR text your name and phone number and date payment sent – to hello@naturallyme.com.au     0412 442 557

    I will email you a receipt when payment is received. Feel free to email or call me if have any questions. 
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    In health & happiness!
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