6 Weeks Every Tuesday night – Sept 22nd t0 Oct 16th

– Eat out with new friends
– Learn to cook at the same time!
– More than cooking classes – includes Naturopath & Nutrition Info & tips in a fun and social environment.
We all learn so much more when we’re having fun AND got full bellies.

Especially healthy no to low allergy foods. Yummy. Easier than you think.

Let’s face it the one skill we all are going to use for the rest of our lives is HOW TO FEED OURSELVES AND OTHERS.
Needless to say we all know how important it it to not just put any old type of food into our mouths and bodies.

So come along – face the fact that you need to learn to cook properly at some stage.
Or just extend your repertoire if you are already enjoying the kitchen whirl.

$295 for the series. Don’t just ‘learn to cook’ any old style.
Learn to to cook for real health vitality. And of course with real style!
Includes recipes and Naturopath Health notes.

Join me: book here

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