Are you ready to make a commitment to your health and your quality of life?

What to Expect Working With Leela

A pesonalised consultation for a individualised health plan. Leela Holland Naturopath. Consults in person, phone or online. Make a health plan with Leela Holland Naturopath:

Set clear goals with the right steps to reach them

The first thing you need to understand about Naturopathy Consultations is that there is no ‘one size fits all’. That’s why you may have tried generic information online but still have not yet achieved the health outcomes you wish for.

So if you’re ready to get up to the next level for your health and to move on from feeling stuck – this is what you need to do:

1. Make a commitment to yourself.
2. Expect relief from symptoms
3. Decide to get to the triggers behind your health imbalance. These could include physical, mental, emotional and lifestyle.
4. Contact me – by phone 0412 442 557 or by contact form here:

Many underlying causes of your health problems can be traced back to common Naturopathic fundamentals.
These include
– nutritional deficiency
– leaky gut
– food sensitivity
– stress & anxiety
– underlying viruses,bacteria, fungi
– toxicity
– low immunity or overactive immune system

These are just a few of the usual culprits behind your low energy, poor digestion, pain or autoimmune problems. Once we do the detective work to get these personalised to your specific needs, huge progress can be made.

So what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to take the first step to improve your health. Please call me 0412 442 557 or use the contact page to get your started.

I look forward to helping you.

Naturopath Consultations – Available by skype, phone or face to face at Maroochydore Clinic.

For lasting health, as well as treating your health problems, we also need to balance the underlying causes. This is essential so you reap the full benefit of your Naturopathy sessions.
Otherwise health problems may return, or reappear as another health issue.

Making a commitmemt to your health means making a commitment to your Treatment Program.
I am only willing to see those who are willing to make the decision to take responsibility for their health and apply themselves to their program.

Your program will require at least 3 sessions. The number of sessions will depend upon what your health problem is, how well you follow guidance, and how your body responds to treatment. Everyone is different.

Initial packages offered to get you started. Single top up consults are offered after the program packages if needed.

  • 3 Program Package
  • 6 Program Package
  • 12 Program Package – fortnightly consults for 3 months.

Naturopath Programs are added Value Packages

These actually save you money than if you were paying for individual consults and help you stay focussed and on track for your program. The packages are designed to assist your commitment and goal setting, which are often the most challenging to do in the early stages of any health program. When you decide to commit to your series of treatments, you make a huge positive step towards your health. Once you have set yourself the goal, you make a decision, it will make it easier for you to follow through with your plan.

Prepay 3 Consultations & Save $75   4.5 hr program package personal time, plus Leela prepares separate material for you after your sessions.

Gut Repair Program
3 Consultations $395. Includes  treatment plan, written material and specific prescribing for you.
Plus a short follow up call once you start your program, and up to 2 brief emails if you have any urgent questions between consults.

Standard Detox
3 Consultations $395. Includes treatment plan, written material and specific prescribing for you.
Plus a short follow up call once you start your program, and up to 2 brief emails if you have any urgent questions between consults.

General Consultation Package
Whatever your health problem. Commit to 3 Consultations $395.
Plus a short follow up call once you start your program, and up to 2 brief emails if you have any urgent questions between consults.

Turbo Boost Series – 5 Sessions: $555
Ideal for Sensitive Detoxers, Weight Management, Exhaustion & BurnOut, Chronic Health Conditions, Long Standing Health Problems and those who want to touch base regularly over a 12 mth period.

This package consists of 5 consults (initial assessment and four follow-up sessions) and is perfect for clients to fast-track their general progress or target specific short-term health and lifestyle goals with concentrated support. Includes 3 phone calls for ongoing support during your program

Commitment to Change 12 Sessions $1295.
This package consists of 12 consecutive consults every two weeks (including the initial assessment and eleven follow-up sessions) and is intended for clients who wish to target any array of health goals with sustained support over an extended time-frame. Sessions will be a mix of long or short depending on what is needed.

You also have ongoing access to me between consults. I accept only 6 clients at any given time for this program.
Please enquire now to reserve your spot.
Ideal for Weight Management, Food Sensitivity Programs, Chronic Adrenal Fatigue

You have me for a full day to blitz your health, boost your motivation, inspire you to move forward and help you organize your plan of action.
Includes massage, natural beauty treatment, delicious healthy snacks and lunch.  $995. 
Only 1 VIP day a week accepted. Please enquire.

Going Deeper Series
For those who have already done a Turbo Boost or VIP Program.
5 Sessions: $350 valid for 12 months
Sessions are up to 40 mins each.

This maintenance package consists of 5 sessions and is available exclusively to clients who have already had 5 sessions in the previous 12 months either through a previous series or as individual sessions, and would like to continue their commitment with ongoing consultations. These sessions are valid for 12 months and can be used at any time during their validity.

Holistic Lifestyle Immersion. 6 & 12 Month Personal Programs

For those who want ongoing lifestyle mentoring. Reboot your life.

Covers all areas of your life. Food – what REALLY works for you – and what doesn’t, nutrition knowledge, cooking, detoxing, lifestyle, connecting with your life purpose, stepping up into your big picture of what you’re here on the planet for, strategies and support to move forward. You have me ‘on tap’ so to speak.

Program may includes shopping trips, visits to your home (you pay for my transport and accommodation) to help you set up a healthy kitchen and for extra declutter, organization and motivation sessions.  Brain storm the life you want to be living, set goals and action plans for taking steps toward these goals with ongoing support. This program has a structure, but is also able to accommodate what your specific needs are. Wherever extra time and focus is needed – is where it’s directed. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual reboot.

$4994 – 6mths
$8990 – 12 mth

I accept only 2 Clients at any given time on this program.
Please enquire for more information.
With targeted strategies and support I know we can get you on track with your health and movingonwards toward your goals and your dreams.

Thank you for choosing to make a commitment to your health.  You are more likely to reach your goals when you commit to a program.

Leela Holland
Naturopath Nutritionist Herbalist
0412 442 557

Health Fund Rebates available.

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