Your digestive system is also known as your second brain – or the gut-brain axis – because your digestion and brain constantly send messages to each other via your nervous system.

When your digestive processes are constantly stressed because it is unable to digest the food consumed, or is drowning under too much bad bacteria or parasites – to the body this is one of may types of stress which has a knock-on effect throughout your whole body.

When you are emotionally, mentally or physically stressed, your digestive system can’t relax enough to absorb the food you are consuming.

Your cells and organs all over your body start to starve of essential fuel. They start to function below capacity and you just don’t have the energy or focus you expect, and create the foundation for further health issues resulting from inadequate nutrition.

To invest in your long term wellness it is essential you repair and restore your digestive function, plus reduce stress.
I have clear strategies to help you restore digestive function and reduce stress.

These include:

  • Remove the irritation
  • Reboot digestion
  • Repair digestive tract
  • Restore digestive and bowel function
  • Get detox organs working well
  • Balance nutritional profile
  • Reduce stress triggers
  • Assess lifestyle and draw up a step by step process for improvement where needed
  • Support emotional ups and downs
  • Align yourself with what is REALLY important to you
  • Set goals with realistic action plans
  • Be accountable
  • Learn real meditation and how to use anywhere anytime to deflect stress.

So can you see why trying various trends and fads as they occur in the media can be a hit and miss process as there is a lot more to health than diet alone.
And let’s face it – working out which diet can be confusing and daunting!

If you are serious about ramping up your health, it’s best to be supported by a structured program with a recognized health professional to achieve your health goals.

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