Not enough energy, stamina, enthusiasm, motivation? 

Feeling stressed and tired? Or more than just busy, but worn out?

By now many of you have heard of Adrenal Fatigue – or Adrenal Exhaustion as I prefer to call it.

Adrenal Fatigue is when your body has been exposed to a major stress event, or to ongoing minor stresses for many years.

Adrenal Exhaustion is the main symptom of feeling overwhelmingly tired and old for no reason, even though you may have taken good care of your health, and may not had any major depressive history. The extreme fatigue are symptoms are commonly reported by clients experiencing Stage 3 Stress in the Adrenal Fatigue cycle. However there are many warning signs before reaching stage 3. Let’s have a look at them:

Do you feel tired, irritable and unable to respond physically, mentally and emotionally to the usual demands of life?

If you are feeling like this, these are classic symptoms of Stage 3 Adrenal Fatigue. This obvious stage of exhaustion is when sufferers are most likely to seek help. They are desperate as they feel they just can’t keep stepping up as before for their daily routine. Stage 3 Adrenal Fatigue sufferers are starting to feel overwhelmed by the demands of life.  However you don’t need to let your body, mind and emotions reach this point before taking action.

Stress can take many forms, not just the usual emotional ups and downs.
Stress to the body includes poor diet, leaky gut, chemicals & toxins, viruses & infections, accidents & illnesses, slow healing, physical excess, over work, over exercise, toxic relationships, environmental triggers, lack of sufficient daylight, not enough sleep or movement, personal self value and confidence, family & financial stress, emotional and mental shock & trauma.

Initially Adrenal Fatigue may take a milder form of feeling flat and not quite up to your usual enthusiasm for the roles of your life.
You may start getting colds or viral outbreaks more frequently, or feel you can’t get through your day without a siesta. You  may have huge energy drops mid afternoon, or early evening, with a surge of energy later at night. Your sleep is becoming disturbed. You may get food sensitivities and start wanting alcohol or caffeine, or sweets or salty foods. This is a big warning. If around mid afternoon you’re looking for potato chips or crisps or anything salty, this is a sign to start looking at your nutrition and lifestyle.

Adrenal Fatigue has 3 stages of deterioration, known as the General Adaption Syndrome.

For the first 2 stages you are able to function in your job and your life. People may be expressing their concerns to you to slow down or work less, but you feel unbeatable! It is highly recommended if you are at this stage to start cleaning up your diet and to start taking supplements, plus look at ways to reduce the pressure, no matter how capable you feel.

Stage 1

You may feel energised and that you can take on the world. This is the adrenaline stress response when your body supplies hormones to energise you for action, endurance and survival during a crisis. You may feel increased energy, reduced appetite and be content to literally run on coffee and refined foods. Your cortisol and DHEA levels seem to be sustaining you.

Not Coping
Stage 2

You start to experience energy and mood fluctuations, digestive and concentration problems, sleep disturbances, body aches and twitches. Not all these symptoms may be experienced. Your cortisol levels are rising to the demands and DHEA is decreasing.

 Stage 3

Exhaustion and anxiety. Some experience palpitations when  cortisol levels peak. Insomnia starts as DHEA levels further decrease.  Other symptoms are occurring, but it is usually the overwhelming exhaustion, anxiety and a feeling of inability to fully function in daily  routine that prompts the sufferer to see there is a problem and to seek a  solution.

If you are able to get your life back on track during stages 1&2, and  your  body starts to heal, you won’t go to the full blown Stage 3  symptoms.

Prior to Adrenal Fatigue you were generally confident,  capable and enjoying life.

As Adrenal Fatigue starts to creep up on you, you look fine on the outside, but on the inside you just feel tired, irritable, wornout, unmotivated and unexcited about your usual interests and … ‘old’. You feel as if your energy is leaking out of you. However if you let this continue, eventually you will be looking wornout and without enthusiasm on the outside too.

If you don’t reassess your life and continue to ‘flog’ your Adrenals like an exhausted race horse, the over worked Adrenals may eventually cease functioning. We’ve all seen the harrowing scenes on television of horses flogged and raced so much they cannot get over the finish line.  Your body is like that too.

Not all fatigue symptoms are Adrenal Fatigue

It is important to get a full check by your GP to eliminate other conditions that may be contributing to your tiredness. Whilst following your doctor’s recommendations, tests to also consider include iron & B12, virus history, thyroid hormones, urinary iodine & selenium, and as many nutritional tests as possible.

Remember to get a copy for your records. You don’t need to get these tests done before you see a naturopath. I am registered with my own labs if testing is needed, however generally I recommend it through your GP as more econmical for you.

I like to see exactly where these readings are sitting as our Naturopathic ranges for ok are different from the medical profession. We like to take preventative action where possible with nutrition and herbal medicine when an organ is starting to show signs of under functioning. Otherwise many medical tests only pick up on a problem when it is established in your body.

Stage 4 – Repair & recovery. The good news is Adrenal Fatigue can be repaired. You need:
  1. Essential Nutrition for Adrenal Fatigue
  2. Remove Gut Inflammatinon, Repair Gut, Dietary Adaption, Balance Blood Sugars
  3. Gently remove other Inflammation, Viruses & Toxins from your Body
  4. Stress Management & Meditation
  5. Rest & Recuperation
  6. New Attitude & Lifestyle Balance

It is important to repair your Adrenals with someone who knows what’s going on. Once your sleep starts to improve and you feel less tired, it’s not ok to go back to your old ways. Once you get a improvement in energy you still need to continue with your program to finish restoring the underlying biochemistry that is out of balance and which needs time to restore. If the chronic low or fluctuating cortisol levels are the cause, and if not addressed, the biochemistry continues to deteriorate.

However the sufferer may again push themselves because they start to feel a little better when not suffering from sleep deprivation. Although they have started repairing their sleep deficit, but haven’t repaired damaged adrenal & digestive respones. Nor have they addressed the causes.

Your Adrenals evolved to supply stress hormones to run from a wild animal or to sustain you through war or drought. The ongoing almost daily stresses of modern living actually overwork the Adrenals more than an occasional tiger or famine.

Get Your Energy, Focus & Vitality Back!

Say goodbye to sluggish thinking, exhaustion and stress. There are solutions.
How long it takes to recover from adrenal fatigue depends upon which stage (1,2 or 3)  you are at, what are your stress triggers and for how long you’ve had them (eg: viruses, food sensitivies, single parenthood, loss of a loved one) – and what you are willing to do to bring about healing.

Therefore healing can vary from a few months to a couple of years. But the good news is no matter which stage of Adrenal Fatigue you are in – it can be healed. So it’s better to start sooner rather than later before further deterioration may occur.

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Adrenal-Thyroid-Stress Connection

Many women with Low Thyroid function – Hypothyroid – are on medication and never fix their Thyroid symptoms because their underlying Adrenal problem is never healed.

Differentiating between similar Thyroid and Adrenal symptoms can be a bit tricky unless addressed by a qualified health practitioner specialising in this field. Both conditions exhibit similarities of tiredness, exhaustion, weight gain, mood swings, food cravings, hormonal fluctuations and poor concentration.

Women often gain relief on thyroid medication for a while, but after a few years the exhaustion, brain fog and other physical symptoms return. The doctor may increase the medication … and this continues until the limit of permitted thyroid dosage is reached. The sufferer is left even more depleted than before. The next option medically is surgery and radiation.

Women at any life stage can experience Adrenal Fatigue or Thyroid Stress
The busy school or uni student, the busy mother of a young family, the busy exec or full time worker, the busy solo parent also working part or fulltime, the busy parent caring for a sick child or spouse or ageing parent, the midlife crisis when more pressure is on the reproductive hormones, the empty nester feeling that her life will never be the same again, the elderly looking after a spouse, parents or children with life crippling conditions, the elderly caring for an alzeimers partner, the elderly making the decision to put a loved one into permanent care, the elderly downsizing for the last time in their life. The list goes on … what can you add?

Get back your Energy, Focus and Enthusiasm!

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Smiling daughter with her mother


To properly treat Thyroid and the Adrenals – your Stresses Need to be Faced and Fixed

Remember there are many many forms of stress, which I have mentioned above, and cover in more detail in the more suitable setting of my programs and retreats as the solution is a process, rather than supplements alone.  Each person is different and solutions need to be individualised. However specific foods and natural supplements are required to restore essential nutrition required for healthy functioning of Adrenals and Thyroid.

If you are too exhausted to continue properly with your daily routine, or even to think clearly, or lost your mojo – you need to take action now when adrenal fatigue is in the early stages before it progresses to complete burnout.You may already  feel stretched and pulled in all directions and think you’re ineffective in most or everything you do. You worry that you’re not being a good mother, worker, student, wife/partner, friend.

Some of you struggle to get out of bed and through your day. Many need a ‘nana’ nap or are nodding off at your desks. This is when we blow out our best intentions with food and hit the processed carbs, coffee, colas or chips.

fatigue_why_rest_is_importa adrenal exhaustion

You may have bouts of energy – but you don’t know how long it’s going to last before you crash. You dread the mid morning or afternoon or evening energy slump.

Or you may drag yourself around all day, then get a surge of energy towards bedtime, and being the practical person you are, you make the most of it! Then you are up until the early hours of the morning – if you get to bed at all – furthering exhausting your Adrenals.

Some of you may not be too exhausted yet, but know that something isn’t quite right. You just don’t have your sparkle and that get-up-and-go like you used to have. You need caffeine, sugary and salty foods to get you through your day.

As the condition deteriorates you don’t feel the joy of life much; you’re starting to feel you’re on the proverbial treadmill and just keep on plodding. You wonder if there is more to life – or if this is really all there is.

And some of you have had major life shocks. Maybe recent or back in your past – but your Adrenal Glands bear the brunt of your traumas. Similarly those who experience ongoing low grade stress experience the same response due to the cumulative effects on your Adrenal Glands.

Get BAck Your Energy, Focus and Enthusiasm!

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Moving Forward

I am here to reassure you that you are NOT meant to be living like life is a struggle.
You are not designed for long-term overwork and over responsibility; taking on other peoples’ ongoing dramas, and not living your life fully on your terms.

Right now it may seem hard to believe that life is to be embraced and enjoyed.  But deep down you really know this and wonder how you got into this situation.

Sometimes it takes a big wakeup call before you will take action. Or some of you are starting to realise your lifestyle or health is not working for you anymore, and you are looking for solutions.

  1. Yet you feel stuck on the treadmill of daily routine. Perhaps you feel the cost of living offers you no alternative but to keep on keeping on?
  2. But you’re not sure how long you can keep it up. Or how to get off the treadmill. You can’t see other options right now.
  3. For other sufferers you’re still at the early stages. You may be surviving on coffee and colas and missing meals as you run high on adrenalin, then drinking a glass or 3 of wine in the evenings just to wind-down, or you’re on antidepressants, or bouts of anxiety or palpitations, but you soldier on.
  4. Maybe you’re getting recurring colds and flus, or you’ve been diagnosed with thyroid or other autoimmune problems. These are all signs you need to heal your adrenals. Or maybe you just feel under par and blah, and know that something isn’t quite right.
  5. Your blood tests may return as ‘within range’. Naturopaths need to SEE your test results as our ranges for OK are different from the medical profession. We take action when your biochemistry reveals YOUR normal is starting to change, NOT wait until you have a full blown problem and need to go onto medication or even surgery.

I feel your confusion, frustration and pain, but I also know there is another way. Now that’s great news!
I’ve been there.  Have a look at these pictures.

Here is a pic of me at complete burnout: 
 I look fine to the casual observer. I was cheerful, but dragging myself through the day. Yet the cartoon in the corner was how I really felt. I was shocked to see how much I looked like my maternal grandma who died from thyroid related conditions.


And here is a pic of me how I looked and felt after 6 months of enforced healing due to enforced rest from broken bones and chronic exhaustion.
When I was forced to rest up, my body was finally able to start repairing wornout adrenals and thyroid.

me at beach winter 2014

The top photo was taken BEFORE the photo below.  If you didn’t know – the lower pic looks like it was taken years earlier!
In Chinese medicine the Adrenals and kidneys are believed to store the Chi, or lifeforce – which means how well we age. We look older as we use up Chi.

So are the Kidneys and Adrenals Glands the key to the longevity? The research is still out on that, but there is no denying the difference once I was able to reduce Adrenal Stress.
So let’s heal & maintain the Adrenals and Thyroid for overall vitality and enjoyment of  life!

Get  your Energy, Focus and Enthusiasm for life back!

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Unfortunately from a very young age in our modern over busy lifestyle, the Adrenals are starting to wear out from all the stress and pressures of modern living. Pressure to perform well at school starts earlier and earlier now.  Puberty is now starting at age 10 yrs and younger. (in my mum’s generation it was age 16, my generation age 13.) Women’s reproductive hormones are connected to the stress hormones of the endocrine system.

Western women have all the expectations and demands of careers and earning a living – on top of running a home and rearing children. Often doing this alone, or the cost of living is so high that many don’t have a choice how to balance their work and home life.  This is the first time that western women enmasse have LOST choices over how they raise a family.

Most sufferers of Adrenal Fatigue are getting on with daily life, but underneath they are screaming. Most suffers of Adrenal Fatigue are women, although men and teenagers do experience it too. The extra stressful lives and times we live is impacting everyone. However women are often more susceptible due to Adrenal hormones directly impacting energy and reproductive hormones. (more about that on your program)

Adrenal Fatigue or Exhaustion will not fix itself.

Ideally you will take action to avoid the downhill slide BEFORE  you reach complete exhaustion and burnout.

Ideally you will stop the cascade of physical symptoms at one of the less chronic stages of Adrenal Fatigue before you reach the chronic depletion stage.

I didn’t.  It took a broken foot to slow me down! AND in the middle of running a busy clinic and moving house! lol (More about this on your program.) We can have a good laugh and I will show you what not to do! I have healed this illness in my own life,  (yes, you’d think i would have known better;  yes we all think it won’t happen to us) PLUS professionally trained and researched the research intensely – I certainly can show you how to turn it around.

It is not a quick fix. Nor is it a matter of taking a few supplements and all will be fine again.
But Adrenal Fatigue and Exhaustion can be healed and you can prevent it recurring.

These pics are my progression. The broken foot was at the absolute exhaustion stage. 2nd pic about 6 months later after enforced healing because I couldn’t physically run around keeping busy, and the 3rd pic below is about 12 months into healing. Then the picture at the top of this webpage is me after about 18mths of healing. Woo hoo! Life is good!

Let’s get your energy up

  • Heal and repair stress response and affected organs
  • Assess your goals and appreciate your life
  • Recharge your inspiration. What makes your heart sing? How can we manifest it in your life ?Helping women just like you get their mojo back is what makes me want to bounce out of bed at sunrise knowing how many women I can help re-connect with their own health and happiness to get them back on their right track.So how can I  help you regain your health big time?
  • Get you feeling joyful again?
  • Let me help you back on YOUR right track using my Naturopathic, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and Mental Silence training.
  • Along with experience gained from half a lifetime of holistic health and consciousness – from before it was in vogue.

Get Your Energy, Focus and Enthusiasm for life back!

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Let’s face it – it’s hard to feel enthusiastic, fun, productive and energized when you’re tuckered out and running on low to no energy.
Fatigue & stress are not just ‘how it is’. There are other ways of living.

I offer Recovery Programs for all stages of Adrenal Exhaustion, Fatigue & Insufficiency via:

  • private coaching
  • personal  VIP days or weekends
  • small group online programs
  • small group in person weekends
  • retreats
  • essential Adrenal nutrition
  • professional repair of underlying physiology which is contributing to YOUR adrenals fatigue:
    This process will be different for each person as there are a range of factors that can be driving YOUR Adrenal Fatigue. We just have to work out which combination of triggers is affecting you.  It’s all about YOUR Adrenal Fatigue triggers. Your treatment needs to be individualised.

You CAN do it!

The very least you must do is to get some fundamental nutrition into you to support your stress response, your adrenals and nervous systems.

My name is Leela Holland; a professionally trained and registered Nutritionist, Herbalist, Naturopath with extra training in Stress Management & Meditation. I have successfully treated Adrenal Exhaustion & Fatigue for myself and for women who once felt just the way you do now.

I can  help you get your health and your life back on your terms, so you can truly create the life you love; the one you’re meant to be living. Please contact me to find out what is the best approach for YOU and your situation.

In health & happiness

Leela Holland
Digestion & Stress Naturopath
0412 442 557


Get Your Energy, Focus and Enthusiasm for life back!

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