Short Get-Aways for Healthier Happier YOU.   No more excuses!



I personally accompany each  Naturalee Healthy Lifestyle Holiday.

As well as enjoying local activities and culture, we include natural health sessions on digestive health, adrenal fatigue, meditation & stress management.
Who’s up for a massage and some natural beautician pampering? 😀

  •   beautiful tropical beaches and rainforests of Australia
  •   cool lush hills of New Zealand
  •   summer heat escapes to Tasmania
  •   inspirational, eclectic Bali
  •   sunshine coast & hinterland Australia – tree or beach getaways

Plus pamper packs, delicious healthy foods, gentle exercise, meditation, grounding in nature – and lots more.

So take some time out for yourself and come join me on a specialist health care and fun, relaxing holiday retreat.
Especially those of us with an adrenal fatigue tendency to overwork or over commit to our own or others’ expectations – we have to ensure we take time out for ourselves.

NEXT RETREAT Sunshine Coast QLD Australia

A special retreat for women currently suffering  with Adrenal Fatigue, or who have a history of Adrenal Fatigue, and know they need to regularly take time out so they don’t fall back into old habits. Please register your interest here:


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The end of the year can be particularly challenging for women who are worn out and ready for an overdue break. But no, you can’t stop yet – you have to gear up for the shopping, cooking and often a year’s worth of socialising squeezed into a few weeks! On top of that you eat and drink too much and consume foods & alcohol wouldn’t dream of otherwise. To add to the pain, afterwards you often spend weeks or even months trying to get your body back to normal!  And the amount of money spent on stuff you and others don’t need is insane! Let’s remind ourselves of all the times we secretly thought bah humbug couldn’t be bothered with Christmas 😉 and wished could just curl up and rest and SLEEP to restore yourself. Or just go away instead!

This is your opportunity to avoid the inevitable Christmas New Year circus. Instead treat yourself to our RELAX escape, be pampered, eat delicious food you don’t have to cook or clean up after, learn heaps, take time out in Nature; rest and restore while having a relaxing, nourishing time in the company of new friends who ‘get you’.  We will reassess 2015, set intentions and goals for 2016, wave goodbye to the old year with gratitude, and welcome the gift of the New Year and the fun and adventure, twists and turns of the year ahead. You will return to your life actually refreshed and inspired to manifest the year of your dreams.  I can’t wait!  I’m booking me in, lol 😀

What a special way to embrace the New Year, and for tired worn out women to restore and recharge AND avoid the extra unnecessary seasonal demands. What’s not to love :) This is a select, boutique-style break.  MAXIMUM 4 participants.  Get together a group of friends, or come along and meet some new ones. Inlcudes plenty of time for you to relax and restore.