I teach you the best way to lose weight fast AND improve your health.

Hello, I am Leela Holland, a qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist from the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Do you want –

  • Quick results without sabotaging your health?
  • No workout required?
  • Easy to prepare food?
  • Guidance, motivation and support?

Due to my years of training and skills you also get

  • Quality professional information, program and products I use for myself and my clients.
  • Real health tips & plans previously only available through Naturopath private clinic.
  • Online delivery via email, social media private groups, podcasts & webinars.
  • Optional extra individualised support available if required.

How’s my method different?

  • Combination of the best programs known for losing weight fast
  • Result of 10 years of my own research. How long would it take you to pull this info together on your own?
  • You gain health in the process. No more losing fat AND muscle, then regaining MORE fat after you fall back into your old habits.
  • You get encouragement, motivation and inspiration. And tough love if that’s what is needed. You don’t have to do this alone.

I pulled together the best of all weight loss methods known to get results. You’re not trying random things with questionable products which may or may not work.

Natural Fast Weight Loss Online is the result of 10 years of Naturopath clinic, and many more years of research, studies and training.
I share this info to help both your short and long term weight loss.

Detox symptoms, boredom & hunger are often the reasons for diet failure.
I show you how to manage headaches, poor concentration, low energy, tiredness, irritability and other problems experienced with quick weight loss.

You lose not only excess body fat & belly fat – but also bloating, water retention, fatigue, foggy-head.
You gain energy, better digestion and vitality for life.
Your online community provides support and friendship while you diet, plus afterwards while you maintain the new healthier you.

You get to choose your level of commitment & support

We are all different – You get to choose your program, your level of commitment & support.

  • Suitable for those needing quick fat loss tune up.
  • Plus perfect for those wanting fast weight loss and motivation for healthier long-term weight loss.
  • Longer weight loss plans available
  • Other health conditions may be affecting your ability to lose weight – specialist support is available within the one program.

Make this year the year you actually do lose that extra fat and improve your health.
No more trying this and that and getting nowhere. 

How proud of yourself will you feel?
Will you feel great losing weight and feel good about your self discipline and staying power?
Where else can you apply these new found skills in your life?

Let’s quit the yo-yo dieting. No more stuffing around going in circles.


Join me!
I will be doing my Weight Loss tuneup as well.
Always much more fun when we diet altogether. Just start:  Click here for your weight loss solution

In health, happiness – and fast natural weight loss!

Leela Holland
Naturopath, Nutritionist, Educator



eat to lose weight

eat to lose weight